How Cloud FinOps Brings Value to AI Investments – Google Cloud

Friday, 21 June 2:00 PM - 2:45 PM Breakout A

Level: 100

Are you ready to unlock the true potential of AI and Generative AI for your organization? Join our session on Cloud FinOps to discover how industry leaders like Wayfair, SAP, and CME Group are tackling the challenges of maximizing their AI investments.

In this session, you’ll hear firsthand accounts from engineering leaders at Wayfair and SAP and a finance leader at CME Group, where they’ll share their unique perspectives and experiences in navigating the complexities of Cloud FinOps in the era of AI.


Eric Lam

Head of Cloud FinOps at Google

Bruce Warner

Practice Lead, Cloud FinOps and Office of the CFO at Google

Leslie Nolan

Executive Director at CME Group

Brent Eubanks

FinOps Architect at Wayfair

Wallace Suleiman

Vice President of Multi Cloud Engineering at SAP

Pathik Sharma

Cloud Cost Optimization Lead, Cloud FinOps, Digital Transformation Practice at Google