Call for Proposals


FinOps X brings together the wide FinOps community to collaborate face-to-face and engage in challenges and discussions around FinOps. We encourage all interested speakers to submit a proposal, there are limited slots and availability that range in level.

Call for proposals is now closed.

Key Dates

Call for Proposals
Closing Date

11:59 PM Pacific Standard Time (PST),
28 February 2023

Final Speaker Notifications

Confirmations to be sent on or by Wednesday, 15 March 2023

Please note: speakers may be awarded sessions before this date

Requirements and Considerations

When speaking at FinOps X there are a few key things to remember:

  • FinOps X is a community conference — so we do not allow product and/or vendor sales pitches unless we clearly indicate it e.g. vendor showcase slot.
  • Please limit the speaker applications, and think about quality or quantity, by applying multiple times does not increase your chance of securing a speaking slot.
  • Please limit total company applications, and collaborate with within your organization to submit a proposal. A maximum 2 speakers per company can co-present.
  • We will not select a repeat session submission that has already been presented at a previous FinOps X or similar event, but we do welcome repeat speakers. If your submission is very similar to a previous talk, please include information on how this version will be different.
  • A panel submissions must include the names of all participants in the initial proposal to be considered. Please ensure you consider speaker diversity in your panel participants to avoid all-male panels.

Consider the Following as You Write Your Proposal

  • What key points do you expect the audience to gain from your presentation?
  • Give your unique perspective, everyone has differing views and experiences, this is the time to showcase them.
  • Connect your topic into the overall FinOps Framework, for example align it to a Capabilities.
  • Sessions will be 30 minutes, make sure to fill the time but also leave time for questions
  • For deeper technical aspects add any diagrams or technical examples that need to be added

Session Levels

As with the attendees, there is a need for varied content at different levels, on your submission you will be asked at which level it is aligned.

  • Introductory 100 (explanation of core concepts and adoption stories or journeys)
  • Intermediate 200 (how a capability was adopted, inc challenges and lessons learned)
  • Advanced 300 (how it was actually implemented with details and in a non standard way)

There is limited sessions for speaking and want to vary the level of content so we may ask you if you would increase the technical depth at times to align with spaces remaining.